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You get so much for so little. View professionally produced and filmed footage of healthy insight, healthy cooking and humor that only Maurica can deliver!
Let’s live every day better than the day before.

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Get the scoop on the recommendations and advice from the nation’s top authors on nutrition, health, and living a feel-good lifestyle! Join us as Maurica serves up an overview on all the best flavors for feel-good living!

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We are all Very Important Persons. Access to the first six segments will jump-start feeling good every day in mind, body and soul. Treat your (very important) self to the full program here.

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Value comes in many different shapes and sizes but rarely does it come with such personal health and lifestyle benefits. If you could put a price on health and happiness, how much would you pay for that? Maurica has put together a subscription packed with all the secrets she has learned to achieve a better well being. This program will offer you the best opportunity you will ever come across to find the key to life’s finer things, a life full of comfort, eating right and having an attitude that is focused on a positive outlook on every day. If you have ever met a person that you admired simply because of their energy? It is this positive energy you will start feeling when your body thanks you for offering nutrition, exercise and the best days you will ever have.

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Segment Categories

Endless Summer – Volume 1

 Maurica’s search for year round Bikini season continues. This series is filmed in Burlington Ontario Canada, Land of Poutine and Beaver Tails.

Best Day Ever – Volume 2

Join Maurica Hurley on the beginning of her 7-day detox journey.

Best Day Ever – Volume 3

Inspired by some of the best authors of nutrition, exercise, healthy eating and culinary excellence on the planet. Maurica wants to invite you as her guest to sit along side of her and learn how to experience a healthy lifestyle.

Best Day Ever – Volume 4

Expertly filmed and produced nutritional advice, instructions on healthy eating and feeling the best you have ever felt.

Segment Shorts

Mini-episodes for some of our favorite recipes including smoothies, breakfast lunch and dinner episodes. This includes special episodes for vegan, vegetarian and gluten free diets.