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Recipes For A Body and Life You Love

If you are what you eat, then Sakara founders Danielle Duboise and Whitney Tingle are just as double tap–worthy as their Instagram-approved nutrition program. Raised in Sedona, Arizona, the childhood friends have hair so healthy and complexions so clear, it’s easy to be evangelized by their Manhattan-based meal-delivery service, which launched in 2011 to commodify the nourishing benefits of a no–refined sugar, dairy-free, vegetarian diet.

“We wanted to help people understand that eating really well doesn’t have to be torturous,” explains Duboise, 32, whose complicated relationship with food led her to study nutrition science before teaming up with Tingle, 33, a Wall Street alum. As buzz around their colorful daily menus—created in consultation with a science and advisory board that includes renowned functional medicine doctor Robin Berzin, M.D.—quickly spread, so did their delivery zone: Sakara now ships to 48 states and added a line of chocolate probiotics and sleep-aiding teas to its brand in 2015.

Next up for Duboise and Tingle: Eat Clean, Play Dirty: Recipes for a Body and Life You Love (Abrams), a 240-page primer, out next month, dedicated to living the #sakaralife. “People are ready to take their health into their own hands,” Tingle says of the impetus behind the cookbook, which is filled with favorites like the Sexiest Salad in New York City, a mix of berries and greens. New to their repertoire? Glow-enhancing cocktails (think ginger kombucha mules) and superfood desserts. “There’s no ‘no list,’ ” adds Duboise. There is, however, a whole lot of yes.

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