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In Grain Brain, renowned neurologist David Perlmutter, MD, exposes a finding that’s been buried in the medical literature for far too long: carbs are destroying your brain. Even so-called healthy carbs like whole grains can cause dementia, ADHD, epilepsy, anxiety, chronic headaches, depression, decreased libido, and much more.

Groundbreaking and timely, Grain Brain shows that the fate of your brain is not in your genes. It’s in the food you eat. The cornerstone of all degenerative conditions, including brain disorders, is inflammation, which can be triggered by carbs, especially containing gluten or high in sugar. Dr. Perlmutter explains what happens when the brain encounters common ingredients in your daily bread and fruit bowls, how statin drugs may be erasing your memory, why a diet high in “good fats” is ideal, and how to spur the growth of new brain cells at any age.

Dr. David Perlmutter’s groundbreaking bestseller Grain Brain revolutionized the way we think about our health, exposing the devastating effects of wheat, sugar, and carbs on the brain. By eating the right foods, you can profoundly affect how your brain will be working next year, in five years, and for the rest of your life.

The Grain Brain Cookbook presents more than 150 delectable recipes to keep your brain vibrant and your body fit, all while dramatically reducing your risk for – and treating – Alzheimer’s, depression, ADHD, and epilepsy, as well as relieving everyday conditions like headaches, insomnia, and forgetfulness. With delicious recipes for every meal — including Spicy Chicken Burgers with Guacamole, Gruyere-Glazed Pork Chops and Cauliflower “Couscous,” and many more — The Grain Brain Cookbook gives you all the tools you need to build a gluten-free diet full of wholesome, flavorful, easy-to-make meals.

From the author of the global bestseller How Not To Die comes The How Not To Die Cookbook – a lavish, beautifully illustrated collection of delicious recipes based on the groundbreaking nutritional science of the original book.

Dr Michael Greger, founder of the wildly popular website NutritionFacts, takes his comprehensive, lifesaving science into the kitchen. Why suffer from disease and ill health when the right food is proven to keep you healthy, and without the side effects of drugs? We can avoid heart disease, cancer and our other biggest killers if we use food as medicine, and the How Not To Die Cookbook offers a sustainable and delicious guide to preparing and eating the foods that will prevent and reverse fatal diseases.

Featuring over 100 easy-to-follow, beautifully photographed plant-based recipes, with plenty of recipes suitable for vegetarians and vegans, the How Not To Die Cookbook merges cutting-edge science with everyday ingredients from the supermarket to help you and your family eat your way to better health and a longer life.

Easy, delicious recipes based on The Daniel Plan book, The Daniel Plan Cookbook: Healthy Eating for Life is a beautiful four-color cookbook filled with more than 100 delicious, Daniel Plan-approved recipes that offer an abundance of options to bring healthy cooking into your kitchen. No boring drinks or bland entrees here. Get ready to enjoy appetizing, inviting, clean, simple meals to share in community with your friends and family. Healthy cooking can be easy and delicious, and The Daniel Plan Cookbook is the mouth-watering companion to The Daniel Plan book and The Daniel Plan Journal to help transform your health in the most head-turning way imaginably—from the inside out.

I picked up Kate’s new book Pretty Happy when it first came out yesterday. I was honestly expecting another celeb book about how they keep in shape, what they eat, ya-da, ya-da. I was however unexpectedly pleasantly surprised. This book is totally NOT about that. It is not superficial and does not provide a step-by-step guide to Kate Hudson’s exact workout plan. Instead, it is all about 4 pillars in life that help you be more connected to your body. Over the past decade Kate details how she has learned to cultivate an intuitive relationship with her body, how to eat well for your body and listening to what it is your body is saying it needs, awakening your body through movement and exercise, and being more mindfull in daily life.

She’s included questionnaires to help you assess your own body type and stress level, and tips to keep yourself balanced. The book is more about learning from your own body WHY it is you feel down or sluggish one day, how to avoid that feeling next time, and how to get back to feeling happy. It’s about being in tune with yourself (and your gut – the true ringleader of your whole body) and doing things (like exercise) because you WANT to feel good – not because you feel like you have to in order to lose that last 5 lbs. It’s a look at life from the inside out – yes I know it sounds cliché, but it’s all I could come up with.

Celebrity favorite health and wellness consultant Kelly LeVeque shares her secrets for losing weight, attuning ourselves to our bodies’ needs, and freeing ourselves from food drama in this essential wellness guide, which includes 88 delectable recipes!

Kelly’s Food Freedom program helps you set yourself up for success, eliminating cravings, mood swings, and other symptoms caused by food drama. Start your day with her Fab Four Smoothies, including a Strawberry Shortcake Smoothie and a Mango Kale Madness Smoothie, which pack protein, fat, fiber, and carbs to balance your blood sugar and keep you full and happy. After breakfast, you’ll thrive with her Fab Four recipes, including Turkey-Stuffed Delicata Squash, Spicy Salmon Nori Burritos, and Anti-Inflammatory Detox Salad, which include the Fab Four food groups—protein, fat, fiber, and greens—that play a role in day-long satiety. Kelly also teaches you how to elongate your blood sugar curve to stay full and happy, and make yourself insulin aware.

Filled with tips and resources on supplements and cleansing, dozens of delicious, healthy recipes and advice on how to adjust your eating when traveling and on vacation, Body Love is your one-stop resource to living clean and happy!

If you are what you eat, then Sakara founders Danielle Duboise and Whitney Tingle are just as double tap–worthy as their Instagram-approved nutrition program. Raised in Sedona, Arizona, the childhood friends have hair so healthy and complexions so clear, it’s easy to be evangelized by their Manhattan-based meal-delivery service, which launched in 2011 to commodify the nourishing benefits of a no–refined sugar, dairy-free, vegetarian diet.

Next up for Duboise and Tingle: Eat Clean, Play Dirty: Recipes for a Body and Life You Love (Abrams), a 240-page primer, out next month, dedicated to living the #sakaralife. “People are ready to take their health into their own hands,” Tingle says of the impetus behind the cookbook, which is filled with favorites like the Sexiest Salad in New York City, a mix of berries and greens. New to their repertoire? Glow-enhancing cocktails (think ginger kombucha mules) and superfood desserts. “There’s no ‘no list,’ ” adds Duboise. There is, however, a whole lot of yes.