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Meditation & Mindset Tips to Staying Positive & Feeling Good (no matter what).

For many of us, now more than ever, it is really important we keep and maintain positive outlook each day, and keep our minds and our bodies healthy as possible.It can take practice and some tips to get started, but once you begin, you with feelgood I believe we can all agree that vegetables are good for us, drinking plenty of water is beneficial, and regular exercise is favorable.But what about our minds? What are we doing to nourish the center of our thoughts?Dr. Joe Dispenza, (New York Times best-selling author, doctor, scientist and researcher) teaches, “Every time we have a thought, we make a chemical. If we have good thoughts, we make chemicals that make us feel good. And if we have negative thoughts, we make chemicals that make us feel exactly the way we are thinking.”In the same ways we feed ourselves nutritious food to fuel our bodies, hydrate, andexercise, our minds require the same. Our minds’ food is our thoughts, and the good news is, we get to choose our thoughts. Just like we get to choose what we eat and how we exercise, we get to choose how we feed our minds with our thoughts.Considering thoughts become words and words become actions, this is of great importance.

With this in mind, her are 4 tips for the best “thought-superfoods” to incorporate into your mindset practice:

How we start our day, paves the way. We can decide the night before how we want to start our day. Set a soothing alarm, ensure you have enough time to stretch in bed, smile, and say out loud 3 things to appreciate. Get up with plenty of time to enjoy quiet time by yourself, drink your coffee or tea, and get ready. Set yourself up for a pleasant morning. When we choose, the night before, to enter the next day prepared and already deciding to feel good ahead of time, we pave the way for the best day.

15 minute segments. Take each day 15 minutes at a time. You do not have to have it all figured out. Take a minute to set an intention for the following 15 minute increment. Your intention can be as simple as, “I am refreshed and ready to have the best day ever.” Later in the day perhaps it will be, “I enter this meeting with confidence and success.” Whatever your desire is for the day is easily incorporated when done in 15 minute segments.

Meditation Simplified. Practicing meditation daily is beneficial to our minds just as working out daily helps strengthen our body. We seem to smoothly make a connection between nutritious food and being healthy, and this is helpful practice for bringing health to our minds. These 3 easy steps can help you begin your meditation practice and nourish your mind.

A. Find a comfortable, quiet place to sit.

B. Close your eyes and focus on your breath, in and out.

C. When you begin to hear your thoughts, select an unrelated object or idea to focus on. For example, when you’re sitting still and quiet, breathing in and out and you begin thinking of your to-do list, what needs to get done at the office,and what you’ll be having for dinner, redirect your thoughts to a flower. As you’re breathing, simply choose to think, “flower, flower” until you have directed your thoughts to a simple flower.Try this at least once a day to start. Getting in the habit of selectively fueling our mind with good-feeling thoughts is vital for our wellness and feeling good.To fuel and protect your body with Healthy Eating that’s simple for non-chefs, yet are delicious, nutrient packed by Leading Nutritionists and Celebrity Doctors and look Glamorous go here: Grab easy menus for planning and recipes on video: I’ve been practicing daily for quite a while now. This is my experience with Meditation.

Additional Support:
During meditation, focus on listening to your breathing and the sound of white noise like a fan or the air conditioning. Or buy a white noise machine that plays the sound of the rain or waves at the beach any noise that sounds soothing to you that you can continue to refocus on throughout your meditation practice. As the relaxing sound of the rain puts you into a trance or a suspended moment in your mind. You allow yourself to relax and let all your thoughts go. The purpose of no thought is because every thought…whether it is positive or negative has resistance. “No thought” however is resistance free and you will feel free and relaxed and at peace. Relax your whole body and at the beginning of your practice do a mental body scan, gently releasing any energy. You can always focus on one feeling that you want to create. For example…the feeling of fun. How does it feel to have fun? Who’s laughing? What scene in your mind can you focus on that is fun and makes you feel good. During your practice you can set an intention to feel and think about fun thoughts and then let them go. Practice redirecting your thoughts like in a movie, bring your focus on feeling fun and then oscillate to the awareness of no thought by focusing on the white noise again. As you hone in on that white noise and hold that note like an extended note crescendo in a symphony. A ringing in your ear. Your mind or our mind wanders and zones out to the abyss. The moment of pause, the inner consciousness, the infinite and eternal, the heaven on earth, the garden of Eden and beyond are dwellings in our mind. Beyond comprehension, beyond form, free of judgement, free and feeling ease. Like a cocoon of well-being, like the feeling of soothing a newborn baby. We can sooth ourselves through meditation. Meditation balances hormones chemically in the body. Meditation practice every morning for 15-20 minutes to set the tone for your day. Set the tone, strike the cord of psychology that you can create a focus and conjure a feeling that feels good at any time in our thoughts. We get to choose what we think about. Bring thought beyond what is. Bring out the possibilities of our imagination. Visualization and focus takes practice and creates awareness. Brought to you by The Best Day Ever Cooking Show: https://maurica.com/. The Best Day Ever Cooking Show contains episodes of Maurica Hurley’s ’favorite meal plans and cookbook reviews from top health influencers including Celebrity Doctors and Nutritionists. Maurica shares a lighthearted approach to cooking and storytelling. Recipes for loving food,
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