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“Its about how you feel about the food that you are eating. You have to begin to see food differently. We are surprised any of you can find anything to eat, because almost every food substance has had several books written about why you should not eat it. So much so that most people who are planning for food, sitting in front of food, shopping for food, choosing the restaurant, looking at the menu, watching others eat, or eating themselves…

And so the answer is to spend as at least as much time thinking about the food you are going to eat as you do actually eating the food. And during the time you are thinking about the food you are going to eat, work on imagining it to be as you want it to be in relationship to your body so that you just gently morf your expectation into a new place.” -Abraham Hicks

“Approach Love and Cooking with reckless abandon.”

– Dalai Lama


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