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Whether we are planning for back-to-school, another stretch of working from home, healthy eating plans or our finances, we can invite ‘Feel-Good Ease’ into all moments. Feeling like we must “have it all figured out” can be daunting and overwhelming, often because we try to figure everything out all at once and in not-great state of emotion or mindset. Remember, that “having it all figured out” is not the next step. The Next Step is to ease yourself into a better Mindset so you can handle everything with a clear mind and a more relaxed state, and sometimes even letting go of any problem solving thoughts all together. You don’t’ have to see the whole staircase to take the First Step.How do we move forward when perhaps we may be feeling stuck or overwhelmed?One step at a time…the next logical step. Did you know that 15 minutes can change your life? I incorporate a “15-minute practice” into each of my days that I believe you will find practical and helpful as we gear up for another school year and season of adapting to new circumstances. I segment my days into 15 minutes. We can do anything for 15 minutes, and we can plan for 15 minutes. It’s simple, tangible, and invites ease. Before entering one of my 15 minute segments, I set an intention, which only takes a few seconds. Before I even get out of bed in the morning, I set an intention, “Today will be the best day ever!” and then I start my day with 15 minutes of meditation (you can read more on Meditation and Mindset Tips Here). 15 minutes of meditation with an
intention, “My intention is to quiet my mind.”

Another 15 minute segment may include preparing lunch, “My intention is to savor the smells and sounds of preparing this meal and be present in the moment.” Perhaps another 15 minute segment may include going for a walk with my Sweetie and prior to that my intention may be, “I am fully present to listening and enjoying time with my Sweetie.” Or “My intention for the next 15 minutes is to finish this section of work with ease and in a relaxed state.” When we segment our days into 15 minute increments, we are actively steering our thoughts, feelings and actions, which lends us to carefully selecting feel-good thoughts, feelings and actions. Sample an Easy ‘Lunch to Go’ Recipe & Video

When we tune into our awareness, our intuition can help guide us, 15 simple minutes at a time. Our intuition is often the ability to understand something immediately without the need for conscious reasoning. Reasoning can create limitations, which can invite more feelings of being stuck. Inspiration and imagination, on the other hand, can invite possibility and freedom. Living in 15 minute segments can invite us to tune into ourselves and open ourselves to the possibilities.

Try this right now as you’re reading (and also the next time you’re feeling overwhelmed):
1. Remember: You don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the Next Step.
2. Say out loud, “Everything is always working out for us.”
3. Use 15 seconds to set a simple intention.
4. Take the next logical step, plan only the next 15 minutes – one step at a time.

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